How Kendama Game works

Before we say how Kendama Game works we need to say something about the birth of the Kendama Game. Kendama Game was born from the Czech kendama association by adding English and the option to choose different countries (or territories such as Europe, Asia etc.) and of course Czech republic.

Users of Czech kendama association (CKA) had two options at the birth of Kendama Game: Move with all the results to Kendama Game or stay at CKA. Those who wanted to move have been transferred to Kendama Game. This is the reason there were so many Czech kendama players at the start of Kendama Game. First step of Kendama Game (KG) was to move to the same level the CKA has. At the start of Kendama Game CKA has already 14 challenges but KG has only 4. KG was adding one challenge each month until there was the same amount of challenges. At this point CKA ceases to exist, and KG started its own journey.

This is how Kendama Game works


  1. Each kendama player can make their own profile at KG and take exams using KG's virtual currency called creditsⓚ. Each exam has its own fee. In general the longer or more difficult the exam is, the more expensive it is.
  2. When the player has some proof of succesful performance of the exam such as a video, JKA certificate, BKA certificate or any other proof KG recognizes, the player can fill the form in their profile including a link to proof and confirm that he/she was not cheating. After submitting the form the exam result is passed to the judge.
  3. The judge checks the following criteria.
    1. Is the used instrument the instrument provided
    2. Player identity
    3. If the exam was succesful or not
    If judge finds all of these criteria correct the exam is succesful. The player pays the exam fee and this fee is divided with the judge and KG in ratio 1:1. If player failed in any of the exams' criteria, he/she failed the exam. Fee is paid the same when the exam is succesful, because the time was spent. During the first judgment the judge takes three screenshots of the player and stores them in the KG system. KG need these images for player identification. Durring the next judgments judges can upload more images up to 10. These images are accessible by judges only.

Instruments (Dama Bag)

Each player has their own Dama Bag. The dama Bag can store the same amount of instruments as the players points + 1. If the instrument measurements are eligible for KG it can be used for exams. If they are not, it can be left in the Dama Bag but cannot be used for KG exams.


Kendama Game has two types of challenges.

  1. Skills: these are the challenges that need some sort of skills to be successfully passed. There are two types of Skills:
    1. Recordable. These are countable skills. Players can hold a record in this category. If the record is the world record, then player gets one extra point for this record. This extra point is there so the player can reach more than 100% of the available points.
    2. Unrecordable. Challenges that can't be counted. Some kind of tasks or so.
    3. All challenges have three levels. Easiest is the bronze level for one point. Silver level is harder for two points. The hardest one is the gold level for three points.
  2. Merits: for helping the kendama community to grow. May have extra points.


Judges are skilled players. Judges can be recognized by their red font color on their player status, and with the judge badge on their profiles. KG has seven levels of judges:

  1. Judges bronze exams
  2. Like previous level plus judges silver exams
  3. Like previous level plus judges gold exams
  4. Like previous level plus checks kendamas
  5. Like previous level plus checks events
  6. Like previous level plus checks players after registration
  7. Like previous level plus checks other judges

Judges can exchange their ⓚ for exams (judged by another judge) or they can exchange it for CZK or EUR in case they are able to invoice KG. In any other case they can exchange it for a discount coupon from one of our partners.


KG can grant a player that organizes kendama events the status organizer. This player gets acccess to KG events organization admin and is able to make events on KG, change their own events and publish event results. Organizers can be recognized by their red font color on their player status, and with their organizer badge on their profiles.


Each act that leads to damage of the Kendama Game objectivity is considered as cheating. Harming other players or pretending to be somebody else is also considered as cheating. In case the player cheated once the benefits granted by this cheating will be revoked. In case of cheating more times the player can be banned temporary of permanently.

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