Spikedama Dutch Kendama Open

Spikedama Dutch Kendama Open

1. 6. 2019 10:30 - 19:00

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Speedtrick B

1stEricú Zilla ZERO33,7s
2ndDaniël Tuk 44,9s
3rdLionel Graaf 51,5s
4thJack Roberts 60.4s

Spikedama 13 Dutch Kendama Open Time! On the first of June 2019 its about to get down in Spijkenisse. We"ll find out who will be the new Dutch champ or will reigning champ Joris Schweppe retain his title? Come and find out and try your Kendama skills in one of the 3 divisions (Intermediate/Advanced/Dutch Open) or test your speed in our Speedtrick B contest. Of course there will be mini-games, ken games and a lot of chilling and great prizes from our sponsors. Including a trip to Japan to join the World Open Kendama Festa in Tokyo Sponsored by our friends from the Japanese Kendama Association We ask for a small entrance fee of €7,50.- There will be drinks and some sweets at the event, and there is a shopping mall at 5 minutes walking distance with an Atm, supermarkets, bakery, snackbar and pizza place. For people who come from far there are a lot of cheap hostels in Rotterdam (which is a 30 min. metro ride away) approximately €13.- a night in a shared room. there are 2 hotels in Spijkenisse which will charge approximately €55.- a night for a twin room.

On sunday the 2nd of June we will find a nice spot n Rotterdam to chill and have some more kendama fun, minigames and beers!

Intermediate tricklist

1st round Speedladder 2nd round 1 vs 1 knockout JKA style

1. Slip on Stick
2. Around the World 2x
3. Pull up Bird - Spike
4. Lighthouse - Falling
5. Airplane - Jumping Stick
6. Stuntplane
7. Downspike
8. Faster than Gravity


Advanced Tricklist

1st round Speedladder 2nd round 1 vs 1 knockout Jka style

1. Base cup - Trade airplane
2. around the Cosmos
3. Downspike Fasthand
4. Stuntplane Fasthand
5. Swing Whirlwind
6. 1 turn Swap spike
7. pull up Bird - Over the Valley - Spike
8. Mooncircle


Dutch Open Tricklist

1 vs 1 knockout Jka Style First 5 tricks will drop after round 2 Last 5 tricks will be added after round 2

01. 2 turn Airplane - double J-stick
02. 1 turn Stilts - Turn in
03. Spacewalk -swing UFO
04. Downslinger Downspike - Down Earthturn
05. Whirlpool - Tradespike
06. Stuntplane - Half turn cusion - Stuntplane
07. Mooncircle - Ghost LH - 1 turn Tradespike
08. Around Stall
09. Base cup scoop-up - Curl arm - Spike
10. Wing - Slide to Bird - Over the Valley - Spike
11. Pull up Juggle - Throw Lunar - Falling
12. Swing - 1 turn Swap - Cusion Airplane
13. Inward 1-turn Axe - Falling
14. Sw. Fryingpan - Trade Downspike Fasthand
15. Pull up_Swing Triple Gunslinger
16. Inw. Lunar - 1/2 Flip - Backflip - Downspike
17. Downspike - insta LH Flip - trade Downspike
18. Inward Spacewalk - 1 turn Stuntplane Turner
19. One turn swap - Late Kenflip - Spike
20. "Champ Special" Inward lunar - inward Flip - tap to inward Flip back to inward lunar - Falling




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