More Kendama Shit

More Kendama Shit

2. 11. 2019 9 - 19
Leiden NL

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The MKS squad is proud to announce the latest in Dutch kendama events! More Kendama Shit is born from a need to supply kendama players with a place to come together and share the love we have for this toy. I invite you all to come to Leiden and participate! It doesn't matter if you're a confirmed player of a beginner, everyone is welcome! With the help of some of the game's biggest brands, and some of the Netherland's most driven kendama players, we're hosting this guaranteed masher of an event for you and you only 🖤

Down to business.


We're proud to announce we're staying true to SKS standards and keeping the same format! That means:

PRO open

AM open


BEGINNER speedladder

All tricklists & details will be announced shortly.

If you're looking to stay for the weekend, we'll be giving you guys options to stay with friends around town. Be forewarned, there won't be a lot of spots!! Hit up @notakendamaaccount on Instagram or Teodore Fiorina on Facebook for more info.

If you're looking to be more comfortable or if you want to be sure to squad with your homies, we'll be giving you options for hotels soon. There's also a plethora of Airbnbs in and around Leiden (The Hague or Haarlem are close too) ready to host you.

Be sure to come back here regularly and check for all the info you need! 😍


Want to attend

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