4. 10. 2019 4th - 6th
Delta Hotels Minneapolis Northeast - USA

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This year we are changing the name of the Minnesota Kendama Open to the North America Kendama Open, or NAKO. We are excited because we changed the dates to October 4, 5, and 6 so the event doesn't fall on Halloween again. We have also changed the venues and we cant wait! This years event is going tot be the best yet. Save the date!


This year we are doing things a bit different and running all of our ticket sales and registration through Challonge. This way you can be notified about your matches and track your rankings. ⁠

🎟️ For the first time ever, we will be charging admission to the NAKO. Each year our event grows and so does our cost to run it. 3-Day Spectator Passes are only $25 online, but they will be $10/day at the door. ⁠/

All money raised from ticket sales and registration past the cost to run the event gets donated directly to Kendamas Institute to help fund their after school programs and outreach initiatives. ⁠

The Registration process is a bit different this year, so if you have any questions please let us know in the comments or send an email to

You can only sign up for ONE level of competition, unless you are registering for Freestyle, then you also MUST register for Open. Girls who want to compete in the Girls Comps must ALSO register for their standard level.

Beginner Speed Ladder Tricks - NAKO 2019

Intermediate Speed Ladder Tricks - NAKO 2019

Girls Open Division Trick List - NAKO 2019

Amateur Open Division Trick List - NAKO 2019

Open Division Trick List - NAKO 2019

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