Bird is not as tough as it looks. All you need to find a good Bird setup where tama sits on rim cup perfectly, relax, use your knees and you have it in your pocket.

1 x


5 x


20 x

For beating the World record you'll get a 25€ discount code from

One Bird is enough to get the bronze badge. For silver and gold the trick changes to Bird over the valley. To get the silver badge you must do 5 consecutive Birds over the valley, 20 for gold. Each landing on a rim counts as one Bird over the valley. You can only do hops, no earthturns over the valley! So you go back to back from bird to nightingale, nightingale to bird 20 times without dropping it. Good luck.

Allowed proof:
link to video

More about gradings at Grading.


King of trick
1stMartin Migdal GURU23 xKendamaCo ZEN21. 12. 2017
2ndTomáš Ocásek ADV14 xKendama USA Alex Smith PRO model Red Maze11. 4. 2017
3rdFilip Vlašic ADV10 xKenCo ZEN kendama23. 3. 2017
4thMirek Šiřina ADV9 xTrojka 2k1723. 3. 2017
5thTomáš Csonka PRO9 xaura frostbite15. 12. 2018
6thTomáš Zahradník ADV8 xTrojka Fire KYU21. 3. 2017
7thTomáš Pivoda ADV5 xZack Gallagher pro mode21. 3. 2017
8thDavid Uhříček ADV5 xGRAIN THEORY - E1 Roku8. 7. 2019
9thPepa Šteigl ADV5 xSlaydawg1. 3. 2018
10thMartin Opršal AM1 xTrojka kendmama22. 11. 2018
11stMatyáš Mengler AM1 xKENDAMA USA - Haley Bishoff Pro Model29. 11. 2019

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