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For beating the World record you'll get a 25€ discount code from kendama.cz (only in case of gold badge).

To get bronze badge you have to travel 100 km from your home, for silver it’s 1000 km and for gold it’s 5000 km. You must shoot a video there containing these three things: telling us the place where is your home, place you are at and show the best trick you can perform there. Distance between your home and the place you’ve traveled will be measured with this calculator. Enjoy your journey.

Allowed proof:
link to video

More about gradings at Grading.


King of trick
1stMartin Migdal GURU7240 kmSweets - Trojka21. 3. 2021
2ndTomáš Csonka PRO7160 kmOzora + KUSA frankendama - Ozora REshape ken24. 9. 2019
3rdBoris Zimmermann AM268 kmKROM kendama - STROGO16. 8. 2020

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