Jumping stick

Jumping stick
Beginners trick that will checks your string manipulation on more revolutions. The real pain comes when you do it stringless.
Jumping stick


Jumping stick


Jumping stick


For beating the World record you'll get a 25€ discount code from kendama.cz

To get the gold badge you must do 50 consecutive Jumping Sticks, 25 for the silver badge and 5 for the bronze one. No ken adjustment is allowed. Tama grip adjustment is allowed (not cool). You can go stringless.

Allowed proof:
link to video

More about gradings at Grading.


Ultimatronic Mirotonic
1stMirek Šiřina ADV55 xTrojka KYU ken + Sweets F3 tama19. 1. 2017
2ndMartin Migdal GURU53 xKROM Kendama - 8 YEAR BDAY4. 1. 2020
3rdTomáš Csonka PRO30 xKendama USA Kaizen ken - Ozora reshape tama1. 10. 2018
4thPepa Šteigl ADV24 xTrojka KYU kendama 25. 6. 2017
5thFilip Vlašic ADV14 xOzora ken + žlutá R tama 19. 1. 2017
6thTomáš Ocásek ADV12 xTrojka dubová Shredora31. 1. 2017
7thDavid Uhříček ADV8 xKENDAMA USA - Colin Sander PRO model5. 3. 2019
8thBoris Zimmermann AM6 xKROM kendama - AUTUMN5. 2. 2020
9thTomáš Zahradník ADV5 xTrojka Ultimate KYU18. 1. 2017
10thTomáš Pivoda ADV5 xSweets Solar23. 6. 2017
11stMatyáš Mengler AM5 xKENDAMA USA - Haley Bishoff Pro Model20. 12. 2019

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