Lighthouse is the toughest beginners trick. There are many players that hate this trick. Learning it is not enough you have to practice it all the time.






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Trick that will check your Lighthouse consistence the best is Lighthouse flip. To get the gold badge you must do 20 consecutive Lighthouse flips, 5 for the silver badge and 1 for the bronze one. No string modification by hand is allowed but you can go stringless. You don’t have to wait between flips but you must have Lighthouse under control. You can do insta flips if you like but you must keep the style (if you start with instas you must continue with instas until the end).

Allowed proof:
link to video

More about gradings at Grading.


King of trick
1stMartin Migdal PRO31 xKendamaCo ZEN19. 12. 2017
2ndFilip Vlašic ADV27 xKenCo ZEN kendama19. 1. 2017
3rdTomáš Csonka PRO20 xaura frostbite15. 12. 2018
4thTomáš Zahradník ADV8 xTrojka Ultimate 3.3 kendama18. 1. 2017
5thTomáš Pivoda ADV5 xTrojka Ultimate KYU20. 5. 2017
6thMirek Šiřina PRO5 xTrojka Fire19. 1. 2017
7thTomáš Ocásek ADV5 xSWEETS PRO model - Max Norcross7. 2. 2017
8thPepa Šteigl PRO5 xSlaydawg1. 3. 2018
9thDavid Uhříček ADV5 xTROJKA kendama - BAD WATER8. 7. 2019
10thMartin Opršal AM1 xTrojka kendmama16. 11. 2018

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