Moshikame is a basic trick that tests your consistency. Each catch counts as one Moshikame.







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To get the gold badge you must do Moshikame 1000 times. For silver 300 times and 50 times for bronze. Minimal Moshikame speed is 60 catches/minute. If you perform a rim catch the following catch must be on whole cup. Your little finger, ring finger and middle finger can be placed in small cup. You may start on both big cup or base cup.

Allowed proof:
link to video
link to image of BKA / EKA / JKA certificate

More about gradings at Grading.


King of trick
1.Martin Migdal PRO1409 xKROM party pell kendama4. 6. 2018
2.Mirek Šiřina PRO1103 xTK 16 master10. 12. 2016
3.Tomáš Csonka ADV584 xSweets radar4. 9. 2018
4.Tomáš Ocásek ADV398 xOzora white25. 12. 2016
5.Tomáš Pivoda AM378 xDWI5. 1. 2017
6.David Uhříček ADV375 GRAIN THEORY - E1 Roku6. 6. 2019
7.Tomáš Zahradník ADV374 xRůžovo-stříbrná Sakura Ozora11. 12. 2016
8.Martin Opršal AM54 xTrojka kendmama16. 11. 2018

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