Speed Trick B

Japanese classic proven by time.
Speed Trick B


Speed Trick B


Speed Trick B


For beating the World record you'll get a 25€ discount code from kendama.cz

To get gold badge you must do Speed trick B in 40s or less, for silver 60s or less and for bronze in 120s or less. No string manipulation by hand is allowed.

Allowed proof:
link to video
link to image of BKA / EKA / JKA certificate

More about gradings at Grading.


King of trick
1.Martin Migdal PRO30 sWyatt bray pro mod16. 11. 2017
2.Pepa Šteigl PRO35 DaO kendama - O13. 6. 2019
3.Tomáš Zahradník ADV37 sTrojka Ultimate KYU11. 12. 2016
4.Mirek Šiřina PRO40 sTrojka11. 12. 2016
5.Tomáš Csonka ADV53 sOzora Reshape13. 12. 2018
6.David Uhříček ADV56 sTrojka ultimate 4.323. 1. 2019
7.Tomáš Ocásek ADV59 sPremium White Ozora25. 1. 2017
8.Tomáš Pivoda AM100 sKendamaUSA Kaizen kendama12. 8. 2017

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