One of the first tricks you have to learn and it will follow you through your whole Kendama Game career.






For beating the World record you'll get a 25€ discount code from kendama.cz

To get the bronze badge you have to do 5 spikes in one try. For silver 25 spikes and for gold 50 spikes. Spinning the tama is not allowed.

Allowed proof:
link to video

More about gradings at Grading.


King of trick!
1.Tomáš Ocásek ADV264 xSweets Teuqila Sunrise Trojka FIRE tama8. 5. 2018
2.Tomáš Zahradník ADV216 xKendama USA – Kaizen 2.023. 2. 2018
3.Martin Migdal PRO149 xBig brother tetrah V226. 2. 2018
4.David Uhříček ADV106 xColin Sanders Pro model14. 1. 2019
5.Pepa Šteigl PRO55 DaO kendama - O13. 6. 2019
6.Tomáš Csonka ADV53 xAura kendama3. 9. 2018
7.Mirek Šiřina PRO51 xTrojka Ultimate kendama 4.32. 12. 2018
8.Martin Opršal AM50 xTROJKA kendama - KYU16. 11. 2018
9.Tomáš Pivoda AM10 xKaizen 31. 1. 2018

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