One of the first tricks you have to learn and it will follow you thru your whole kendama game career.
1 2 3 combination is quite common in kendama play. Everybody tried this combo at least with Jumping stick. But can you do triple lighty, jstick and spacewalk in one row without mistake? I hope you can.
The more you travel the more interesting places you'll see. You can travel to USA and see all National parks. You can go to Japan visit Mt. Fuji and taste the proper 饂飩. But if you want to get the most points you'll have to go to Tunbridge Wells in England.

Two types of skills are available. For the first type you can just do the trick or the series of tricks and the badge is yours. Second type is more complicated and has three levels. Firs level is bronze (easiest one), second is silver (moderate one), third is gold (hard one). All skill levels are ordered by date from oldest.


Special badges for those who help the community to grow.

Player level

LevelMin. % of pointsMin. number pointsPlayer status
10100 %9Gurus
990 %8.1Pros
880 %7.2Pros
770 %6.3Pros
660 %5.4Advanced
550 %4.5Advanced
440 %3.6Advanced
330 %2.7Beginners
220 %1.8Beginners
110 %0.9Beginners
00 %0Zeroes

Players level are counted from the percentage of reached points. Gold badge counts for 3 points, silver is worth 2 points and bronze is worth 1 point. You can get one point extra for merits or for holding record. You can reach more than 100% with extra points.

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